For the Transformer-obsessed child (or kid-at-heart) in your life, the ultimate wish has been granted: a Turkish company managed to adapt a car to act and look remarkably like a real life Transformer. Twelve engineers and four supporting technicians from Letrons worked for eight months to create their first model Transformer, named Antimon. The Transformer, which has been crafted from a BMW, is operated by remote control. Antimon can’t be driven in traffic yet, but we could probably spend several days just watching it make its super cool metamorphosis. The arms and legs and head all pop out in such a way that Antimon could almost be mistaken for a CGI special effect, but it’s actually real! Letrons plans to build new models using different types of cars in the future and is even open to the possibility of adding a walking function if the funding availability should rise. Although we don’t have any information on the cost, we’re sure the value of seeing your friends and neighbors gawk at the Transformer and its totally on-point sound effects in your driveway can be described as “priceless.”

+ Letrons 

via Bored Panda