Plan Toys Green Dollhouse

From construction to play value, Plan Toys Green Dollhouse is eco-friendly to the max. The house is made from renewable rubber wood, eco-friendly glue and non-toxic water-based dyes. Green features include a rain barrel for collecting rainwater, a wind turbine, solar panels on the roof, and a set of recycling bins. Kids can act out the lives of a very green family in this smart, modern dollhouse.

+ Plan Toys Green Dollhouse $160.80

+ Plan Toys

Toideloi Stackhouse Dollhouse

A dollhouse for future architects, the Toideloi Stackhouse Dollhouse lets kids arrange and rearrange the modular home. Like a set of blocks crossed with a dollhouse, kids can slide together walls and stack rooms. With big openings on two sides, each level is easy to play with even when dolls and furniture are inside. Dutch designer Martijn van Tilburg created the concept, which is made from lightweight sustainably grown Eastern European birch plywood.

+ Stackhouse Dollhouse $130-355

+ Toideloi

Kroom Flat Pack Dollhouse

Kroom’s lighweight cardboard dollhouse is a budget-friendly option, and a smart one for kids who love dolls one day and move on to playing sports the next. The flat pack option is made form 60 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard and it’s completely recyclable once your kid outgrows its play value. Don’t want to ditch it just yet? It also doubles as a bookshelf.

+ Dollhouse $59.99

+ Kroom

Brinca Dada Edward House

This amazing dollhouse might be more lustable for parents than tots. The scaled down mid-century modern style home was inspired by Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann Desert House and the Gary Cooper house design by A. Quincy Jones. It’s made from eco-friendly woods and finished with non-toxic and lead-free stains and paints. You won’t mind if it takes up residence in your living room, and it might just inspire a future designer in your child.

+ Edward House $279

+ Brinca Dada

Miniio Miniko Dollhouse

Hello Barbie dream house! Miniio’s sustainably constructed modern dollhouse is sized for Barbie or other doll friends of similar size, which happens to be 6 times smaller than lifesize by the way. It trumps her pink plastic palace though with wooden construction finished with beeswax and other non-toxic, food-safe finishes. You can start with the Miniko dollhouse, and once you’re read to expand you can add on a second level with the Miniko Extension Module.

+ Miniko Dollhouse 89 EUR

+ Miniio

Twig Kids Wooden Waldorf Dollhouse

Designed with lots of whimsical fairytale-like curves, the Wooden Waldorf Dollhouse is made of natural birch and dyed with non-toxic paints and finished with beeswax. Two floors, balconies, a loft and lots of doors to open and close provide lots of play space for dolls and furniture. Because it features slotted construction, assembly is a breeze.

 + Wooden Waldorf Dollhouse $199.00

+ Twig Kids

Wonderworld Eco-Friendly Dollhouse

Wonderworld’s take on eco-friendly living is more colorful than the Plan Toys Green Dollhouse, but it includes many of the same eco aspects that can help teach your tot about being green. At the Eco House, through play kids can practice rainwater collecting, bike riding, recycling, planting trees, and using solar and wind power. The toy is made from renewable rubberwood and finished with water-based, non-toxic paints.

+ Eco-Friendly Dollhouse $169.99

+ Wonderworld