We’ve been waiting and hoping Beyonce would be spotted breastfeeding Blue Ivy and she finally was seen nursing in public over the weekend. Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy made their first public appearance as a family at Sant Ambrose cafe in New York City, and Mom and Dad weren’t the only hungry ones. Witnesses say Beyonce breastfed her 7-week-old baby right at the table, which is exactly what we like to hear.

We need more positive role models like Beyonce who are proud to breastfeed in public. After all it seems like the only breastfeeding news we hear lately is about women who get flack for nursing their babies in public places including restaurants, on buses or while shopping at Target. These events often lead to protests and nurse-in’s led by lactivists, but having one of the world’s biggest superstar moms showing everyone how it’s done may be an even better way to raise awareness about public breastfeeding rights.

What’s more, we love that Beyonce will also be a huge role model for African American mothers, a population that typically falls behind in breastfeeding rates. According to the CDC, only 54.5% of African American mothers attempt to breastfeed, while 74.3% of white mothers do.

Thank you Beyonce! We hope you keep up the public displays of breastfeeding Blue Ivy.

Lead image © http://helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com/