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Without the BPA, PVC, pthalates and petroleum often found in plastic or melamine, but with the same durability, the kid-friendly options in this Bambino collection are candy-colored and totally functional. They can hold hot or cold liquids, are top rack safe for dishwashers, and are strong enough for everyday use. The tableware pieces are perfectly sized for little ones, and we love that they even have two different sized plate options as well as a cork tray for ease of serving multiple bowls or cups. The mini storage boxes with air-tight cork lids are a great option for holding snacks on the go or for adding to kids’ lunchboxes.

Choose from 6 color options and start planning those picnics, spring brunches, or simply everyday dinners that need a little extra pop of color. You can purchase the items individually or buy a set, for more modern-looking tea parties and playdates. And whenever you are done with them, simply plant them in your garden. According to EKOBO, these bamboo and natural plant fiber-based goods will decompose within 2-3 years!

+ BIOBU [by EKOBO] Bambino Collection €3.00-€44.00

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