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Several of Birch Tree Kids’ creations are inspired by Pottery Barn Kids — and their whimsical details were designed to match some of the retailer’s most popular organic bedding sets. Birch Tree Kids also allows special requests for changes to their designs — such as replacing a bird with an owl. Additionally, any item may be personalized with your child’s name, and you can also request custom colors to match your child’s nursery or bedroom.

Birch Tree Kids’ handmade bookshelves come in several different sizes ranging from 15-23 inches — and their book ends are adjustable so you can store between 8-20 books depending upon the size of the shelf (and the books).

Birch Tree Kids also offers coordinating peg racks, mural pieces, toy boxes, growth charts and more that will add a sweet touch to any nursery.

+ Birch Tree Kids Bookshelves $75-$85

+ Birch Tree Kids