Herald your baby’s arrival into the world with sustainably designed birth announcements that blossom into beautiful flowers in his or her honor! After delivering the good news, these Garden Greetings by Botanical Paperworks may be planted and enjoyed, getting your baby off to an eco-friendly start in life. These announcements are handmade with 100% post consumer waste fiber and embedded with wildflower seeds. Each may be placed into a pot of soil, for the inherent wildflower seeds to germinate and grow into lovely plants. Read more about how to plant the paper here. Your little sprout can enrich the lives of all your friends and family as they think of your babe every time they look at their flowers. Birth announcement designs range from giraffes and elephants to featuring a photo of your new baby. Botanical Paperworks also offers plantable wedding invitations, thank you cards, party favors and more.

+ Botanical Paperworks Birth Announcements $4.50-$5.50