Labor and delivery are intense experiences, and we firmly believe in preparing yourself mentally and physically for the task… as well as helping your body recover and regain strength after giving birth. Birthing Warrior, designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, is a pre- and post-natal suspension training program that will help you safely stay healthy and fit during pregnancy and after baby. It’s a hard truth that many pregnant women as well as new moms lack the time or energy for gym workouts despite the fact that they would ultimately benefit from the physical and mental boosts provided by exercise. Suspension training fans say it can be done anywhere, helps with core strengthening and balance, and is a quick, efficient way to work out.

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Birthing Warrior offers 3 bundles: the Succinct Bundle is the most basic, followed by the Confident Bundle or and finally the complete Unstoppable Bundle which includes Skype or Google+ consults with Birthing Warrior’s creator. Each bundle includes a WOSS suspension trainer (similar to the popular TRX) and pregnancy and post-partum core exercises. There are even specialty add-ons such as exercises for women who have had VBACs or C-Sections. Not sold yet? Check out the website for some suspension demos. Since every amazing pre- and post-natal body is different, please check with your doctor or medical professional before engaging in these exercises.

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+ Birthing Warrior Bundles $79.00-199.00

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