My daughter loves draping herself in jewelry, but steering her away from most of the baubles that are geared towards kids (and often high in toxic chemicals like lead) means she raids my jewelry box instead. Now we’ve all got a much better option: the Bitsies line by 31 Bits. The colorful, nine piece collection of necklaces and bracelets feature 31 Bits’s trademark handcrafted beads, which are made from rolled up strips of recycled paper and then coated with a non-toxic water-based varnish. Each piece also has an empowering name such as a “reach for the stars” bracelet or a “shine on” necklace (both shown in the image after the jump). You (or your kiddo) can choose from multiple color possibilities, and we love that several of the items in the collection are sold as a set, so that your little one and her bestie (or her sibling) can be all matchy-matchy. As cute and appealing as the Bitsies collection is, we have fallen even harder for the mission behind this inspirational brand.

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The eco-friendly and philanthropic 31 Bits employs women in Uganda, sourcing 99% of its materials from Eastern Africa, and offers health education classes, medical testing for diseases including HIV and cancer, fitness classes, life skills training, and counseling (which is utilized by 85% of the company’s artisans). The company also provides a sustainable income and promotes finance education, and encourages women to start their own businesses. Pretty impressive for a young company that began only about five years ago and was started by college students!

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There are plenty of options for Moms too, from understated and elegant to more bold and dramatic. Kid fashionistas often go for the glam and aren’t especially interested in the story behind jewelry brands, and Bitsies is a great way to introduce little ones to the world of socially conscious jewelry while making a purchase that will help others thrive halfway around the globe.

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