If you’re a breastfeeding mom, getting your baby to take a bottle when you can’t be there for a feeding can be tough since most offer experiences far different from breastfeeding. But a new bottle launching in January 2012 aims to make the transition smoother. The BittyLab BARE bottle is an air-free baby bottle designed to emulate a nursing mother’s breast. Priska Diaz came up with the design after she had to start supplementing with a bottle due to inadequate milk supply. She was frustrated by the poor performance of typical bottles that have traditional nipples and air vents. “My breasts don’t have air vents, why should bottles?” says Diaz. Read on to find out why she believes BARE is the next best thing to breastfeeding.

The BARE baby bottle is completely air-free, so the breast milk or formula that your baby drinks from the bottle remains air-free as well . A very big deal since it’s the air your baby ingests while feeding that leads to colic, gas, discomfort and ultimately an unhappy baby. The air-free experience is created through technology similar to how a syringe works. This design means that Baby can get milk out of the bottle in any position, not just when the bottle is pointing downward like most bottles that use gravity to help the liquid flow. The air-free technology also keeps Baby’s backwash from going into the bottle which can cause bacteria.

The silicone nipple, Perfe-latch, is also designed to be more natural and breast-like. The flow of liquid is determined by the baby’s sucking power and only comes out upon suction. Also, the nipple stretches to get longer during feeding, helping babies to develop proper latching technique.

Because BARE mimics a mom’s breast, the hope is that babies will be able to easily transition from bottle to breast and back again; and that they won’t have a preference for one or the other that can lead to feeding frustration for moms and babies.. If you’d like to see for yourself, you can pre-order a bottle now on Kickstarter.

+ BARE on Kickstarter

+ BARE Air-Free Baby Bottle Coming January 2012