Love eco-friendly cloth diapers but tired of the childish, bubblegummy pink and blue designs that prevail in eco diaper options? gDiapers to the rescue for your urban hipster baby! As Inhabitots readers know, we’re big fans of eco-friendly gDiapers; so we were thrilled to hear the announcement that the flushable diaper company has recently added new glam black diapers to their line-up of little gPants.

NEW Black G Diapers

As any city-living mama well knows ‘Urban Babies Wear Black,’ and now you can get your little one’s eco undies to match their black onesies! Like all gDiapers, these cute little black ones come with plastic linings and flushable/compostable inserts, so you can stylishly put poop where it belongs — in the toilet!

Just another reason to switch to gDiapers! We <3 G-Dipes!

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