We’ve been impressed with Bleebla’s stylish toys for a long while, but now they’ve completed their Sea themed collection, and it’s set to make a big splash with tots. Both the sea themed Silhouette and their playful Stamp Box round out what was already a fun collection, but these particular toys are going to be a big hit with marine life loving kiddos! The “Silhouette” is a toy set that allows kids to travel imaginatively to the vastness of the sea horizon through 5 cork profiles that represent the contour of the landscape and 10 wooden sea-minded animals. The set is made of Portuguese agglomerated cork that’s FSC certified, plus European sycamore wood or European beech (both PEFC certified).

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The clever “Stamp Box” includes 10 animal-shaped stamps using an ancient engraving technique and is made of solid sycamore wood. Different types of paints may be applied to the stamps using hands, or a brush or roll — then kids may create lively ocean scenes of their choosing on recycled paper or other objects. A big benefit of Bleebla animal toys is that they can be used in many different ways – as fodder for a craft project, as a stacking toy, as a block or added to an existing block set or as a stylish decor item. Plus, the sets integrate seamlessly with the other Bleebla animal collections.

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+ Sea Silhouett 85.00 €

+ Sea Stamp Box 75.00 €

+ Bleebla