Are you of the school of thought that skateboards are too dangerous for your child? (I broke my arm in two places during my inaugural skateboard ride as a kid!) You don’t have to let your trailblazer go for a spin on one — after all, even Tony Hawk still takes nasty falls. But Board Games offers the next best thing to a joy ride, sans the wheels, via their children’s furniture and toys made from recycled skateboards. Keep reading to see what tots will be able to spin when it comes to skateboarding…

The tops above are perfect for little ones to practice their spinning dexterity. Portland based Board Games offers kid’s chairs, baby chairs, step stools, tops, pea shooters and yo-yos for a child’s enjoyment. All items boast vibrant colors while maintaining the wear and tear aesthetic of used boards — which will fit in quite nicely with the inadvertent yet often destructive nature of tots. The Etsy business was started by artist Jason Greene, and his profile declares that he “enjoys skating and has trouble throwing things away.” We all reap the benefits from that combination of traits — and the only thing little ones might miss when sitting atop a Board Games chair is the wind in their hair.

+ Board Games toys and children’s furniture $5-$85

+ Board Games

via Handmade Charlotte