The Richard Krajicek Foundation seeks to provide children with a place to play and learn in their own neighborhoods. To encourage this, each year, the Foundation hosts a competition to reward innovative ideas and allow them to come to life. This year, the second place award was given to BOARD for their Recycled Apartment playground. The Recycled Apartment concept encourages local apartment dwellers to donate items that can be reused inside the park to create a truly local playground experience.

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The Foundation encourages designers to incorporate the surrounding architecture in their design, and BOARD took this concept to a whole new level, using the floor plan from a local apartment, enlarged, to create the footprint for the park. This was done to encourage people living nearby to develop a sense of investment in the park.

After creating the footprint, BOARD decided to make the focus of their park sustainability. By re-using discarded items from the local neighborhood, such as tiles, coins, bottles, phones and clothes, the recycled park could be a sustainable part of the community.  According to BOARD, not only does the concept save energy in terms sustainability, but it generates a different kind of energy entirely, namely, “the energy that the adults and children are willing to put into the activities, the sports, and the maintenance of the playground that is built with their own materials, given form by one of their apartments.”

First place prize went to a concept dubbed “In the Wild,” created by dmau and Openfabric, whose concept included a park that juxtaposed both the urban and the wild by placing structured play areas on the outside of the park and a wild, natural area in the center.

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