While on maternity leave with her first son, Bolette Blaedel noticed that there was a lack of children’s furniture that incorporated four important components: play, creativity, physical exercise, and good, Danish design. With help from her fashion designer sister, Louise Blaedel, the company bObles dk and a series of bObles Tumbling Animals were born. Tumbling Animals are multifunctional furniture pieces that your kids will adore, and you won’t mind sharing your living space with these vibrant, entertaining creatures.

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Tumbling Animals are a group of colorful animals, each with its own shape and function. For example, the crocodiles shown in the above image can be used to mimic a staircase, but when turned upside down, you get an angled surface. When the crocodile is placed on his back, your child can experience a seesaw function. Each crocodile has three seating levels for small children, and they are long enough for kids to sit together atop them, for a cool social situation. As another example, the elephant tumbling toy may be used as a chair, for riding, or may be turned into a boat, table, or rocking footstool.

bObles, bObles Tumbling Animals, foam animals, non toxic balancing toys, non-toxic foam

Benefits of bObles Tumbling Animals:

  • Striking design objects in bright color and geometric shapes that inspire kids to learn and create.
  • Help little ones to develop motor function and gain understanding of their own body as they tumble, roll, balance, seesaw, rock, and jump.
  • Tumbling Animals are multifunctional. Pieces can be used for sitting on and reading or relaxing, as a table, or even to create an entire obstacle course of colorful, non-toxic fun for your little one.
  • The Tumbling Animals areĀ  made of firm EVA foam with a soft surface and are free of any toxin or phthalates.
  • Very easy to clean with a plain, wet cloth or even by popping them in the shower.
  • Perfect quiet time toy – the foam makes no noise and won’t damage flooring or furniture.
  • Tots can use the Tumbling Animals from ages 6 months and up, and the animals support up to 350 lbs.

bObles, bObles Tumbling Animals, foam animals, non toxic balancing toys, non-toxic foam

Details on shopping for bObles Tumbling Animals:

bObles are available in many varieties including fish, elephants, crocodiles, chickens, giraffes, worms, snake tables and more. Sets and colors vary. Cost of bObles Tumbling Animals range from under $50 for a bObles chicken or fish to around $100+ for an elephant or crocodile. You may find bObles Tumbling Animals at many retailers around the world. Two good online venues that carry full lines of bObles Tumbling Animals include Babygeared and Mini Jake.

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