Boikido has a new fantastic marble run that’s vibrant and engaging, made by an eco-friendly company and best of all, affordable. The Boikido Wooden Marble Game comes with three marbles and 30 wooden blocks in beautifully bright colors that can be used to design a fun marble tower. Kids can build their creation then watch as their marbles race down the tower. Boikido’s eco-friendly line of toys are made from certified FSC wood, water-based paints and packaged in recycled cardboard printed with soy bean inks certified by ASA (American Soybean Association). At Boikido, all parts of their products (including toy, packaging, paints and coatings) are regularly tested by the strictest international safety and environmental standards such as EN71 for Europe, ASTM and CPSIA for USA and ISO for Australia and New Zealand.

+ Boikido Wooden Marble Game $26.50

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