Socks may be one of the more frustrating items of children’s clothing to keep track of: why do we always end up with a pile of lonely socks without their match after every laundry day? Socks are also the most requested item at homeless shelters, a fact that spurred budding sock entrepreneurs to commit to the one-for-one model for their new brand, Bombas Socks. On the heels of their initial successful campaign for adult and teen socks on Indiegogo, Bombas Socks is now launching a new line of socks for kids. The socks, which come in black or heather grey with yellow, orange, blue, and pink detailing (including a bumblebee), are available in ankle or regular calf height. Read on to learn why Bombas is really knocking our socks off with their kid-friendly design aspects.

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Made from Peruvian Pima cotton, Bombas socks keep tootsies warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bombas Socks also feature several carefully considered design elements such as a midfoot honeycomb arch support, a blister tab which keeps feet covered, and invisitoe (a hand-sewn area on the front of the sock designed to eliminate those seams that drive little ones bananas). We’re especially psyched about the Bombas Growth Guarantee: if your little one outgrows or wears through his or her Bombas Kids socks within a year of purchase, they’ll send you a new pair the next size up free of charge!

As for the socks they donate to those in need, the folks at Bombas Socks have designed them to be extra durable, to come in dark colors which show less wear, and have an extra antimicrobial treatment to combat fungus. So head on over to buy socks at Bombas’s Indiegogo site, where you can preorder the kids socks or family packages and also where you can refer friends and earn free socks.

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