Almost every kid goes through a dinosaur phase at some point, and it is impressive to hear those long, complicated names springing forth from the mouths of our babes. Boneyard Pets (Version 2.0) is a new, successful Kickstarter campaign for a 3D puzzle that will foster that love of all things prehistoric even as your child grows. Designed in Brooklyn and made in Florida, the Boneyard Pets are made out of recyclable HDPE plastic, a material commonly used in playground equipment. The two-toned dinosaurs, which include dino favorites like T-Rex and a Pterodactyl, are fun for kids to put together (and are made easier by the material’s rounded edges) and extremely durable: they can even go outside! With a holiday early bird option and the rest of orders shipping in February, Boneyard Pets will make a great present and activity for kids of all ages. Bonus: they are cool-looking and stable enough to become a funky feature of your child’s bedroom or playroom.

+ Boneyard Pets 3D Dinosaur Puzzles $65.00 and up