You may think you know the art of origami, with its poetic-looking paper cranes and patterned papers, but Stephanie Martyn‘s newly released book 3D Origami Fun!: 25 Fantastic, Foldable Paper Projects changes up the origami game in an innovative way. 3D Origami Fun! offers 25 different origami challenges that redefine the notion of paper folding. Whereas traditional origami generally uses one piece of folded paper, 3D origami incorporates dozens (even hundreds) of identically folded pieces of paper that come together to make amazingly complicated-looking designs including caterpillars, cupcakes, even pandas!

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With step-by-step instructions, 3D Origami Fun! offers an approachable way to tackle these projects, which are also listed according to level of difficulty. As the origami pieces are all folded the same way, once the crafter gets a hang of the folding process, they can simply keep creating and imagining their own design possibilities.The patterns are clear and easy to follow (similar to knitting patterns), and Martyn’s notes on paper type and other design details make the process appear much less intimidating.

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While little ones might find some of the paper projects to be too challenging for their patience and fine motor skills, Martyn’s book would make a great gift for tweens or teens; Martyn was 15 herself when her love affair with 3D origami began. Kids at that age are experts at mastering crafts and then making a million of them (think of the piles of friendship or beaded bracelets and duct-tape crafts that took over or are currently taking over any art areas in your home) — this book offers them a fun, unique, hands-on pastime. Their creations can even become gifts for friends and family or just a way to decorate their bedroom. Parents will also find making these low-tech creations a relaxing and creative pursuit. Many of Martyn’s designs could double as party decorations or teacher or hostess gifts. Amusing to make, easy to become addicted to, 3D origami is a great way to keep hands busy and imaginations blooming.

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