The uber sophisticated Boomini wood dollhouse with furniture will appeal to parents who are fans of Scandinavian design, and it’s also packed with plenty of fun that will engage kids for hours on end. This beautiful, light plywood dollhouse was designed by a company packed with pros such as architects, fashion designers, graphic designers, authors, and renowned photographers… and it shows. Boomini dollhouses are unlike any you’ve seen in scope, design quality and all the little details that make a toy truly special. The dollhouse is spacious, subtly designed in pastel colors, and consists of four parts, (a large house, an annexed living room, staircase and a terrace) which can be freely combined with each other horizontally. Stairs are included and the house may be divided into several zones of rooms. This dollhouse comes packed with some of the most beautiful dollhouse pieces you’ve seen, including a white bath with standing battery (nickel-plated steel), blue bench, felt bed, set of 3 turquoise cushions, kitchen table with 2 stools, kitchen island, blue bookcase with 5 shelves, blue coffee table, double sofa, sofa cover with gray wool felt plus 2 cushions, an armchair and footrest upholstered in wool felt plus 1 cushion, 2 folding deckchairs with 3-way adjustable height, a low table on the terrace (white cube) and a set of mini-books and magazines.

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For those looking for something smaller, Boomini offers Mini Wood, in 1:12 scale made of natural plywood with Scandinavian style. The set consists of 4 separate pieces, which can be freely set up by you or your child, allowing for a tenement, a villa or a spacious loft. The dollhouse comes with furniture as well (all that comes with the larger dollhouse). Both lovely dollhouses are painted with certified water paints (safe for children) while cushions are filled with anti-allergy insert, and filling of the mattress is professional upholstery foam. Natural fabrics were used for the furniture including wool felt (not polyester) and 100% cotton, both are renewable raw materials suitable for recycling.

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+ Boomini Wood dollhouse with furniture € 979.00

+ Boomini Mini Wood dollhouse € 475.00

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