Aly Nicklas and Ali Geiser, the driving forces behind Born Wild, both grew up with deep ties to nature and have been dismayed at how the free-spirited childhood they both experienced has essentially disappeared, replaced by growing obesity rates, a disconnect with nature, and a pitiful amount of time spent outdoors by children on average each day. Their mission to empower families to raise the next generation that’s connected to wilderness and wildness grew from their own upbringings spent largely in the great outdoors and fueled them to create the films and the community as a way to inspire and to educate.

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The moms that will be featured in Wild Child, the first episode of the Born Wild film series, have bucked society’s trends and are bringing up their babies in the woods, canyons, and mountains that they love. These three women, all with young children of their own, have integrated nature into their life since an early age. Becoming mothers allowed them to pass on their deep love of the wilderness. Along with getting insight from experts in health and natural learning, Wild Child will follow the mothers at their homes in Utah, Arizona, and California as they incorporate night hikes, rock climbing, and other adventures into their busy daily lifestyles. Future installments of the series include a closer look at three generations of one family living among nature in Wyoming backcountry and exploring a Native Alaskan family’s subsistence lifestyle.

Motherhood is often described as an adventure, and we’re excited to see how these moms and the filmmakers inspire us to up the ante and venture out of our comfort zones for the sake of our kids and ourselves.

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