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Bosh Bosh is an extension of the Salala Girls Club serving students ages 15-26 years of age. In addition to enabling students to pursue their education, the organization also teaches valuable life skills through workshops on family planning, health, HIV/AIDS, business practices, and women’s rights. Young women are empowered and encouraged to become both entrepreneurs and leaders within their community through education.

Sewing classes are offered twice weekly and a professional tailor from the nearby community assists students on how to sew by hand and on the machines. The textiles used to produce each product are sourced from surrounding area and neighboring countries as well. This program has seen success in the changing attitudes of the young girls who are becoming more confident, improving their study habits and staying engaged in school.

“The girls and all other participants understand the importance of their own education and want to have a better future,” state the Bosh Bosh team on their website. “Through The Bosh Bosh Project we hope to teach them a new skill, and motivate and encourage them to become not only ambitious and successful students, but future ambitious and successful Liberian leaders.”

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