It’s not that we think you should teach your kids to lie. It’s more that we think: What’s the harm in a tiny lie about the bottled water companies here and there? After all, bottled water companies lie to your family all the time, so maybe it’s time for a little backlash. Tappening has created some backlash with their anti-bottled water campaign.  The organization targets bottled water companies using the same tactic bottled water companies use on consumers – they lie.

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Trust us, there’s nothing we love more than honesty. For example, full company disclosure, real green toys and companies who are honest so that later we don’t have to write about how they lied to us. So yes, honesty is good. However, according to the NRDC, among many other organizations, just because water comes out of a bottle it doesn’t mean it’s any cleaner or safer than tap water. In fact, an estimated 25% or more of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle. Bottled water sucks for lots of reasons:

  • Only about 27% of people recycle their plastic water bottles.
  • Plastic water bottles are made with oil, a non-renewable resource. On top of that, it takes lots of energy to make plastic water bottles and more energy to recycle them (if you do recycle). Not to mention the energy used to ship the H2O across the country or around the world and keep them cold at stores.
  • If your kids are drinking bottled water they’re probably also getting a dose of BPA.
  • Bottled water costs the average family thousands over a few years. If your family used reusable water bottles though, you’d save that money and be able to buy a whole lot of organic produce and green toys instead.

Visit the EPA’s Safewater site to find out if your drinking water is safe straight from the tap. If your tap water is safe, then just say no to bottled water and instead choose a safe BPA-free water bottle for each family member. Lastly, if you’re really feeling like a rebel, why not start your own lie about bottled water!

+ Tappening