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Equal rights has equated to another major letdown thanks to the new proposal from The Boy Scouts of America, which allows gay youth to join the scouts, but continues to ban gay scout leaders. The Boy Scouts, perhaps in an attempt to have their anti-equal rights proposal go unnoticed, announced their plans this past Friday as the country was reeling from the recent tragedy in Boston and the ensuing search for the suspected bombers. Many have been waiting on this proposal since February, when President Obama said that the scouts should end its ban on gay members and scout leaders. Once Obama went public with his stance, huge debates broke between supporters and non-supporters of the ban on gay scouts. In February, the Boy Scouts did say that they were considering lifting the ban, then announced they needed more time to think it through. In May, 1,400 voting members of the BSA’s National Council will be voting on the new proposal, but yes or no, it’s unlikely that anyone will be happy with the vote outcome. On one side you’ve got the folks who would like to keep the full ban in place, allowing no gay members or leaders. On the other side, you’ve got people who would like the Boy Scouts to welcome all members, regardless of sexual orientation. The wishy-washy proposal to ban some gay individuals but not others, is sure to make both sides upset. The proposal also sets a terrible example for kids, telling them that it’s not okay to discriminate against kids but adults are fair game.  You can choose not to support The Boy Scouts for their discrimination against gays, and find a better, all-inclusive scouting experience for your kids.

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