Soccer is a beloved sport the world over, but for impoverished children, the dream of owning a soccer ball seems elusive. When Ethan King (now 15 years-old) first visited Mozambique in 2009, he found kids using balled up plastic bags and twine to fashion a soccer ball. A fervent soccer fan himself, King had brought his own ball and quickly made friends with local children through a spontaneous soccer game. After bestowing his ball to the other kids as a gift and seeing their jubilant reaction — at the ripe old age of 10, King started Charity Ball to bring soccer balls to kids across the world.

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More than just a possession, the soccer ball provides an opportunity for kids to work together, a healthy outlet for exercise, and a way for kids to work toward a positive goal and stay out of crime. In the past 5 years, Charity Ball has hand-delivered soccer balls to kids in countries including South Africa, India, the Philippines, Brazil, and Ethiopia. Donate a soccer ball here and help Ethan reach Charity Ball’s goal of sending soccer balls to 10,000 kids in 2015.

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