Yet again bisphenol A (BPA) has been linked to health problems in kids – only this time, research shows that BPA is affecting young girls in particular. The new study, conducted at Harvard School of Public Health and published at Pediatrics online, shows that BPA exposure in the womb is linked to later behavior and emotional problems in young girls. Young boys were affected as well, but minimally compared to young girls. Lead author Joseph Braun and his colleagues collected urine data from 244 mothers and their 3-year-olds and detected BPA in over 85% of the urine samples from the mothers and over 96% of the children’s urine samples. After surveying the mothers and adjusting for possible contributing factors, gestational BPA exposure was associated with pronounced behavioral and emotional problems among 3-year-old girls, including hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, depression and poorer emotional control and inhibition in the young girls.

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Braun notes that the findings, “Be interpreted with caution because of their “modest” sample size” but parents should still be aware that there is a risk when it comes to BPA exposure. Braun points out, “Gestational, but not childhood BPA exposures, may impact neurobehavioral function, and girls appear to be more sensitive to BPA than boys.” The researchers further note that BPA exposure can be greatly reduced if mothers-to-be and young children avoid food packaged in plastic, along with canned foods, receipts and polycarbonate bottles with the recycling symbol 7.  Beyond this new research, BPA has been linked to breastfeeding problems, male infertility, breast cancer, diabetes, autism and many other health issues. We think it’s about time for a real, not shoddy fake ban on BPA. If you think BPA should be banned, learn how to take action.

+ Exposure to BPA, Chemical Used to Make Plastics, Before Birth Linked to Behavioral, Emotional Difficulties in Young Girls

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