Preschool boy on dental prevention examinationShutterstock

Bisphenol A (BPA) has been linked to yet another health problem. New research shows that kids who get tooth fillings made with BPA are more at risk for behavioral and emotional problems later on. According to the researchers on this study, dental fillings made with BPA are gaining in popularity because they are teeth-colored, as opposed to silver-colored. Still, take this study with a grain of salt, because while the researchers did find that kids with multiple BPA fillings consistently scored worse on a behavior measurement test than kids with zero fillings, the researchers admit that they didn’t measure the exact amounts of BPA used in the filling material. Plus, there could be a slew of other chemicals or family issues at play. That said, it’s still in your kid’s best interest to avoid BPA when possible. This isn’t the first time BPA has been linked to behavior and emotional issues. On top of that BPA is linked to autism, allergies, obesity, hormone imbalances, cancer and more health problems. All this considered, why not limit exposure to BPA-laced dental fillings?

+ Reuters