Talk about lucky kids! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly building an eco-friendly theme park just for their brood. The Hollywood power couple plans to build the park on the grounds of their property in the South of France and much of it will be underground. While sources say it will be a solar-powered amusement park and the water will be recycled, we’re still not convinced that this project sounds like a green idea.  

Brad and Angelina aren’t building a huge eco-friendly theme park for millions of people to enjoy, they’re building it just for their six kids. The downside to having two massive celebrities for parents? Apparently, it’s not easy going to public theme parks. The family visited England’s Legoland last September, but they had to cut the trip short thanks to security concerns and big crowds. According to the Sun, Maddox asked Mom and Dad for something similar at their own home. And when Mom and Dad are Brangelina, if you ask, you will receive. Reportedly the park will boast the kids’ favorite rides including “a massive pool, slides, tunnels, boat rides, a pirate island with a castle, a go-kart track and even an old-fashioned carousel.”

via Ecorazzi

Lead image © icekitty37