As a right-brained creative writing major, I could have used all the help I could get learning math — from as young an age as possible! MultiBlocks by designer Brad Singley, a civil engineer who created these educational toys for his children, help blossoming builders develop analytical and math skills from the moment they can hold one of the blocks in their tiny hands. Made in Michigan from scraps of local, renewable, leftover basswood, the set of 42 blocks feature laser-etched numbers and increments which may be used to teach counting, addition and subtraction during playtime. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to construction. Singley offers, “I can still remember the frustration of playing with building blocks as a young child. I wanted to build BIG, but it was impossible to make a skyscraper out of triangles, semicircles, cylinders and small cubes.” Creativity + Math = Educational Fun.

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