Campbell’s Soup was just one of many companies to come under attack last year due to reports of higher than average bisphenol A (BPA) amounts found within their soup cans. Campbell’s Soup, a product that’s highly marketed to kids, has packaged their soup in cans containing high levels of BPA over the years, but now the popular soup company says, no more BPA in their soup! Thanks in part to a massive Cans Not Cancer campaign launched by the Breast Cancer Fund, the Campbell company has apparently announced to shareholders that it will phase out the use of the toxic chemical BPA in its can linings. In the last six months, more than 70,000 letters were sent to Campbell’s by supporters of the Cans Not Cancer campaign—including nearly 20,000 from the non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World.

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Exposure to BPA, is a well-documented health issue. BPA, a material used to make the epoxy-resin linings of metal food cans for all sorts of products, has been linked in lab studies to breast and prostate cancer, infertility, early puberty in girls, type-2 diabetes, obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more. BPA exposure in children presents a unique risk, as children are affected during development when their hormonal systems are trying to develop correctly, not incorrectly due to chemical exposure. Forbes reports that Campbell’s Chief Financial Officer Craig Owens says that the shift to BPA-free cans had already begun, noting, “We recognize that there is some debate over the use of BPA,” but goes on to say that “The trust that we’ve earned from our consumers for over 140 years is paramount to us. Because of this we’ve already started using alternatives to BPA in some of our soup packaging. And we’re working to phase out the use of BPA in the lining of all of our canned products.” Unfortunately, the  company has not provided a timeline or as of yet been able to identify what alternative can-lining materials it will use. Hopefully the Campbell’s Soup company will act faster than the FDA. You can help by avoiding Campbell’s until they make good on this important promise.

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