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When I think of the 15 months I nursed my son, I feel overwhelmingly sentimental. For a colicky baby and an overwhelmed new mama, breastfeeding was one of the few ways that calmed us both and helped us bond. Not everyone has such a rosy experience with breastfeeding, however. Between bad latches, low milk supply, and hospitals pushing formula, breastfeeding is definitely not without challenges, and it was one mom’s own difficult experience breastfeeding her two daughters that lead her to create Mamma’s Liquid Love breast milk jewelry. We know breast milk jewelry might not be for everyone, but we were pleasantly surprised by how tasteful (no pun intended) and understated these meaningful, handmade necklaces, rings, and bracelets are.

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Image © Debora Lacreta

Creator Ann Marie Sharoupim (who is also a pharmacist) made her first piece of breast milk jewelry as a thank you to the woman who provided donor breast milk for her second daughter. Since the initial pendant, Mamma’s Liquid Love has expanded its line of offerings to other styles and types of jewelry and even has more elaborate options including a floating charm locket bracelet, a ring with a leaf design, and a vintage style pendant. Many of the designs, however, are simple, pearl-like creations that give literally no trace of their mammary origins. Sharoupim preserves the provided milk in resin for a completely unique keepsake — even the color of the breast milk jewelry will vary depending on the breast milk used. Breastfeeding our babies may last only months, a mere blink in their lifetimes, and this jewelry allows you to commemorate that special period for much longer. For more information about the process of making breast milk jewelry, see the FAQ’s page on Mamma’s Liquid Love site.

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