Ines Petek (Photo credit: Croatian Breastfeeding Support Group – HUGPD)

Although breastfeeding is a completely natural act between mother and child, people are still trying to normalize the process all over the world. In Sao Paulo, people who shame breastfeeding moms will be fined. Meanwhile, the founder of breastfeeding cafe, The Milk Lounge in England received death threats. Now, in Croatia’s municipality of Hum na Sutli, nursing moms can breastfeed in the great outdoors, while seated at what is being dubbed the world’s first breastfeeding bench, which also handily doubles as a diaper changing station. Conceptualized by a breastfeeding support group in Croatia, they hope the bench will “emphasize that breastfeeding is nothing weird and that women should not be ashamed but proud to breastfeed their babies regardless of the time and place.”

via Croatia Week and The Bump