Some people look at old cassette tapes and see lampshades – others, coin purses. But few see anything as frightfully fun as what Brian Dettmer sees — skulls! That’s right, the Atlanta-based artist recycles, melts, and melds the musical relics into eerily realistic “skullptures,” including a full human skeleton made of 180 tapes! Talk about being a bone-a-fide upcycler…

Of all things, how did Dettmer come up with bones as his subject matter? He’d already been contemplating the end of cassette tapes as media format when one day he spied a dead bird on the street and thought “here was this thing that used to live, it used to fly around and play a vital role, and now it is dead and all that remains is the solid material.” The analogy between analog media and skeletons was pretty easy to link up and before Brian knew it, he was creating a series of 12 human skulls out of tapes.

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Although the method Brian uses to make his ghoulish masterpieces is a secret, we do know that he uses no glue, tape or other outside materials. We especially love the way that he adds color to the “horns” of his faux animal skulls by wrapping them with the brown ribbon he pulls from inside the cassette tapes. What an intriguing DIY project! Try it yourself this Halloween – IF YOU DARE!!!

+ Brian Dettmer

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