We’ve been seriously impressed with all of the amazing monthly mags for kids, and young women that have launched recently, highlighting art, music, science, well-being and much more. We especially love that instead of offering beauty tips and celeb news, they focus on promoting self-esteem, supporting human rights, and following one’s passions. The recently launched magazine Bright Lite is in this creative vein, and this quarterly has a fun yet important mission: to provide a place for preteen girls to connect, discuss important issues, and to shine a light on their own personal experiences. With a motto of “for girls, by girls,” Bright Lite encourages girls around the world ages 8-12 to submit their own artistic musings to be included in upcoming issues.

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In each issue, preteen readers can expect interviews, editorials, recipes, coloring pages, and inspiring photographs. With two issues already out on animals and museums, the next focuses on outer space and will include interviews with Dolly Parton and Miranda July, a recipe for Full Moon pie, and a DIY for making galaxy-inspired jeans. Bright Lite was designed to be a space where girls can express themselves without feeling the pressure of perfection. The independent magazine even has a preteen girl-run editorial board to make sure that their views are acknowledged and honored. (Read a great interview with Stella Bonstin, age 11 and Wesley Pfleeger, age 10 — Wesley is the art director of Bright Lite magazine and Stella is a contributor, here). Be prepared to be super-impressed by the words and images of these young women, as well as by the awesome young activists, artists, and game-changers they are highlighting.

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Bright Lite was created, in the words of the magazine’s founders to focus “on that incredible time of just being a kid; that blissful part of youth before dating, parties, and ‘coolness’ seem to distract us from simply being in wonder of the world.” Just reading those words made us nostalgic for our own pre-teen years and gives us hope for the world in which our girls are growing up in. We’re so excited that preteen girls have this outlet for their expression and education, and that they are actively involved in its creation.

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