Raise your hand if LEGO sets have invaded your home, taken over every available countertop and are currently occupying prime real estate on your floor, just waiting to punish you if you happen to step on a stray piece. Help is on the way, thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign-funded endeavor that will allow LEGO building to move to another frontier: your walls. The Brik Tiles come backed with a temporary adhesive and can be applied multiple times (potentially up to 20!) to any smooth surface. Easy to apply and easy to remove, the Brik Tiles encourages LEGO building just about anywhere. We can see the tiles on our refrigerator, on tray tables for long plane or train rides, and, of course, wallpapering our kids’ rooms. The Kickstarter campaign has been a wild success, raising almost $160,000 (with a goal of only $30,000) — so these tiles are a go, but that’s not the only innovation the Brik Tile crew has proposed.

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In addition to creating the patent-pending 10 by 10 inch tiles, the company is also developing new flat one by one inch Briks that have a small bottom removal ledge (which should end that annoying and painful quest for LEGO removal that usually involves shattering a nail or two). The Kickstarter sets include multiple tiles and Briks as well as Brik clips that can be embedded in the tiles to hold keys, artwork, or photos. All pledges over $30 will also get a 3D structure kit with enough Briks to build items including a small shelf, a mail holder, and a business card holder.

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The tile’s creators used Kickstarter previously to create their wildly popular Brik Book, the LEGO compatible Macbook case, so they’ve been through the crowdfunding routine before and have delivered handsomely. The Kickstarter phase ends on Friday morning, so get in early or wait until the tiles hit the masses in a few months. Brik Tiles provide an interactive and creative space for our kiddos to make LEGO art. Sure, LEGO pixel art may soon take over your walls, but we’ll make that concession if it means we can walk unobstructed through the rooms of our house again!

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