Brinca Dada believes toys should be pretty to look at as well as fun to play with, and we’d say they’ve accomplished their mission several times over. Their latest creation is Constructures blocks, which are crafted from beech wood and coated with an all natural stain. Available in three different-sized sets (51 pieces, 32 pieces, or 15 pieces), Constructures even gently jive with the back-to-school spirit: the small pieces are ½ the size of the mediums and 1/3 the height of large pieces, making learning ratios easy and fun. Created to resemble windows, we love their stackable nature and simple design. Perfect for super tiny tots to grab onto and begin building as well as for big brothers and sisters to create a variety of amazing and complex structures, we guarantee that if you leave Constructures out long enough, adults will be drawn in to the hands-on fun too.

+ Constructures Blocks $19.00 to $59.00

+ Brinca Dada