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Funded by a grant from Donald and Barbara Zucker, the Natural Exploration Area boasts a large sand deposit, water pump, fallen trees and hidden tunnels. Located in Nellie’s Lawn near the now-forgotten Vale of Cashmere, the playground is an excellent place for children to have a little time for supervised recreation in the woods.

“The Donald and Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area will enable children to interact with nature on their own terms,” said NYC Parks Commissioner Veronica M. White. “I want to thank the Zuckers for their generosity in helping recreate the vision of Olmsted and Vaux for Prospect Park with an area that will encourage children to have active fun while learning about nature.”

Perfect for unstructured play, kids of every age can enjoy coming into contact with new tactile surfaces, connecting with the environment, and soaking up the great outdoors within their city.

+ Prospect Park Alliance

via Red Tricycle

Images © Julie Seguss