Bucket List Family Campaign from Effect.org on Vimeo.

Since last summer the “Bucket List Family” has been traveling around the world, visiting exotic sights, immersing themselves in local cultures, and becoming closer as a family unit. The Gee family, a crew of four, held a mega yard sale to fund their travels (with Garrett Gee’s tech career and lucrative company buyout serving as a comfy cushion) — and they haven’t looked back since. They also haven’t stopped giving either, and now the family is teaming up with Effect.org to establish the safest place for young women in many countries: a school. While visiting Nepal and learning about the tremendous problem of human trafficking in that region of the world, the Gees became aware that education is the best way to prevent girls from being trafficked, providing them with confidence, skills, opportunities, the potential to break out of the poverty cycle, and simply a place to learn. As children are especially vulnerable to trafficking when they are out of school, the Gee’s newly proposed school with Effect.org is a direct and effective way to support young women and keep them from becoming one of the millions of children trafficked into prostitution in India. 100% of the donations will go to the school, and the family hopes to raise $50,000 in the next month to cover operating costs as well as increased awareness about the issue of human trafficking. If donations aren’t a possibility at this time, consider spreading the word on social media and encouraging others to learn more about the importance of the #safeinschool movement.

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