Pop n’ Play Castle

We always love a good cardboard castle, and this one is amazing. A beautiful flat-pack castle that unfolds before your child’s eyes, complete with classic medieval archways, workshops and a drawbridge to keep enemies and dragons out. Includes usable cabinets and a workbench, plus it stores flat when your kids are done playing. Perfect for princess, Harry Potter and fairy tale lovers. This would also be amazing for a royal tea birthday party.

+ Pop N’ Play Castle $49.95

Snack Shack

It’s really tough to find an easy to manage cardboard snack shack, but this one is great. Engage your child in his or her own small pretend business where they can sell cupcakes, vegan cookies or of course, ice cold lemonade. This set includes two serving windows, double-layered counter tops for increased weight bearing, under-the-counter storage space, interchangeable signs and menus, luggage rack, ice cream signs and light bar.

+ Snack Shack $59.95

Cosmic Cruiser

Ground control to Major Tom! Okay, so your kids may not know Bowie, but this awesome cosmic cruiser will allow any child’s imagination to soar to new heights. Your tot may orbit the moon, fight off space invaders or simply fly around your neighborhood in this utterly unique cardboard shuttle. We think it’s the perfect sidekick for a cardboard robot too!

+ Cosmic Cruiser $29.95

Imagine Wagon

Oh my gosh! Have you ever seen something so cute!? The Imagine Wagon allows your kid and his pals to pile in and roll about the yard selling ice cream treats. Or take this wagon in another direction and take it (as an RV) on a wild camping trip.  Any vacation or road trip is possible with this spacious wagon. Includes rear entry double doors, a fold down dashboard, side view cardboard mirrors, a luggage rack, ice cream signs and a light bar.

+ Imagine Wagon $44.95

Pop N’ Play Kitchen

If a solid eco-friendly play kitchen is out of reach due to low funds, or if it’s impossible due to space issues, no worries. This flat-pack kitchen is cool enough to stand in, 100% affordable, plus it folds away when cooking fun is over. Unfold in a flash and your little chef can get to work cooking up meals a plenty. Includes cabinets, counter tops and a full refrigerator.

+ Pop N’ Play Kitchen $49.95

Dream Machine

Zooming fun is just an order away with this dream machine. Fuel efficient to the max and perfect for imaginary road trips, this car is a child’s dream. Deliver pizzas or patrol the neighborhood cop style in this car that includes a spacious interior, driver and passenger doors, trunk, super cool moon roof, fold down dashboard and side view cardboard mirrors.

+ Dream Machine $39.95

+ Build a Dream Playhouses™