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Kids love cuddly plush toys, and kids love the creative expression of making things with building blocks too. What if there was a toy that combined the best of both worlds – the cuddle of stuffed animals with the creative output of building toys? We’re thrilled to discover Chimeras – a new line of plush toys that allows your little creative genius to build his own wacky stuffed animal critters with different interchangeable snap-in ears, arms, legs and wings each day as the mood strikes. Chimeras is the first toy design from Walrus Toys and they recently launched a Kickstarter to try to manufacture the first two sets of plush toys. If you love this idea as much as I do, support these guys on Kickstarter and order your very own set up Chimeras from the first batch!

What if a bat really wants to have giant elephant ears to match its wings? You’ll end up with a Batephant! What if a bunny wanted to swing on tree branches, but needed the monkey’s long arms? You’ll have a Bunkey. This is all possible with Chimeras and just imagine all the silly combinations your kid will come up with. For a pledge of only $25 or more, you’ll receive the two sets. With their just-announced Kickstarter campaign, Walrus Toys is even guaranteeing delivery for November — perfect for holiday gifts!

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PS. We’ve published a story about designer Avik Maitra‘s work before hereour previous article about Avik was about kids making their own toys out of junk in Malawi. Nice to see him back in the world of toy design again!