Nothing says “Welcome to the World” quite like a handmade baby quilt. For those of us lacking in family heirlooms or not fortunate enough to have the time or skill to quilt, there’s Bunch & Rosa, a female-owned, North Carolina based company that is as homegrown as their materials. A group of women began making quilts for friends and family and grew their crafting love into these beautiful, timeless quilts, fashioned completely from GOTS-certified, 100% organic cotton. Bunch & Rosa make the extra effort to go American as well, sourcing their materials from U.S. companies and using American-grown and processed cotton for the batting and flannel. The patterns range from basic bullseye to a funky deco design to a fun zigzag, all in bold colors that will look as beautiful on your walls as they do wrapped around your child’s shoulders as a make-shift cape or cozy blankie at bedtime. Contact these talented women for a custom quilt design as well!

+ Bunch & Rosa organic quilts $150.00- $250.00

+ Bunch & Rosa