We all know that eating a healthy, nutritious, fruit-and-vegetable rich diet while pregnant has been linked with numerous benefits for babies-to-be. We also know that with our busy lives (and with some of the curveball food cravings and food aversions that occur during pregnancy), getting those extra vitamins and nutrients can be a daily challenge. NYC-based Bundle Organics is launching a line of Prenatal Juices to help make healthy drinking a no-brainer with yummy flavors such as dark berry and veggies, kale/apple/lemon/ginger and orange/carrot/berry/ginger. Make no mistake, this is not the typical “Please, when can I eat solid food again??!?” type of juice. It’s just a simple and delicious way to get more organic fruits and veggies into your diet, whether you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive. Bursting with iron, folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, Omega-3 and nausea-busting ingredients like lemon and ginger, the non-GMO pasteurized juices come in recyclable and BPA-free bottles and were designed with the help of both an OBGYN and a nutritionist. You can purchase the juices in a subscription bundle as well.

+ Organic Prenatal Juices, range from 3/$18.00 to 36/$216.00

+ Bundle Organics