Say goodbye to the rainy day blues and hello to these super adorable eco-friendly overboots made just for kids (although we have to admit we would like a pair of our own). Officially launching in September, Butler Overboots are a modern twist on old-school galoshes. These candy-colored boots, offered in Classic Navy, Yellow Sunshine, Fire Engine Red, Bright Lime, Pink Passion, and Teal Tales, slip on and off over your kid’s shoes, making it easy to keep those tootsies dry all year round. The boots are manufactured in the USA and are made out of a special patented non-toxic lightweight polymer (free of lead and phthalates). Not only is the polymer free from toxins, but it also uses less energy than traditional rubber and all of the waste material created in the process is recycled.

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This innovative company started their design process with a specific goal, Butler co-founder Marc Kingsley-Pool explains, “Our goal was to contemporize the overboot of a century ago by making it as stylish and fun as it is functional.” They wanted to design a product that could be used year-round and fit seamlessly into the daily routine of today’s modern family. The Butler Overboots are currently priced at $49.99, and starting in September will be sold in select Stride Rite locations across the United States.

+ Butler Overboots $49.99

+ Butler Overboots