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Everything changed when Nirvan Mullick serendipitously entered the picture. While searching for parts for his car, Nirvan stopped by the auto parts shop and purchased a Fun Pass, which got him 500 turns in the arcade, for two dollars. Both Nirvan and Caine didn’t know it, but that was the beginning of an adventure that would expand across the globe.

Nirvan decided to create a flash mob to patronize Caine’s Arcade and hopefully raise $25,000 towards Caine’s college education. He filmed the event and posted it on the Internet. Within the first day, they had raised over $100,000. Within a few months, Caine’s story had been featured in countless magazines, news stories and TV Shows. All across the world, children posted their response to Caine, showing him their own Caine-inspired creations.

As a result of the overwhelming response, The Imagination Foundation was established “to find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.” To help kick start the fund, the Goldhirsh Foundation pledged a $250,000 matching donation to the foundation. To date, the fun has reached nearly $220,000.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the day that started it all, on October 6 2012, the Global Cardboard Challenge was launched, inviting people across the planet to get involved in fostering “creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.”

Watch the amazing story in two parts on YouTube and download the Caine’s Arcade Theme Song – all proceeds from the song support the Imagination Foundation.

Caine’s Arcade Chapter One

Caine’s Arcade Chapter Two

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