Prestigious Cambridge University, where brilliant minds including Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin all studied, may soon see a heavy uptick in applications, perhaps filled out by slightly younger than average students: the university announced that it would establish a LEGO Professorship, hiring a Director of the Research Center on Play in Education Development and Learning. The LEGO Foundation has given Cambridge £2.5 million to set up the professorship as well as an additional £1.5 million to develop the corresponding research center. There aren’t many details on this awesome new position, although we imagine there’s likely more to it than simply building impressive LEGO structures all day long. Both the person who obtains the professorship and the Cambridge students who get to explore how children learn through play are sure to be the envy of LEGO aficionados worldwide. We hope whatever they learn trickles down to primary and secondary schools. We can’t think of a better way to keep kids interested in school than through LEGO play!

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via Mashable

Lead image via Valeria Arnaud/Shutterstock