Starting today, July 13th, and continuing for an entire month, your child can go to camp absolutely free and without worry of homesickness. Camp Google, an online learning opportunity geared for kids ages 7-10, has four themed-weeks including ocean, space, nature, and music. The camp aims to answer questions such as “Why do guitars have holes?”, “How do fish talk to each other?”, and “Where does lava come from?” through hands-on activities.

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Kids won’t be spending hours with their eyes glued to the screen since Camp Google promises that the idea is to get kids outside to explore and experiment. Collaborating with Google are NASA, National Parks, National Geographic and educational organization Khan Academy, so we know Camp Google’s content and guidance will be top-notch. Don’t worry about needing to make an extra trip to pick up materials for the projects: many of the lessons only involve common household supplies. Once camp begins, the activities will be up and available so, if you are out of town one week, you can catch up at Camp Google when you get back. Kids can earn badges for completed activities, and we’re certain these active lessons will effortlessly get their brains back into the “on” position in time for school to begin again. Did we mention it’s free? Brilliant.

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