The great thing about the Designersblock show at the Milan Furniture Fair is that it offers not only the best of young (read: new) design, but also a great variety of kid-friendly design. This year, we went nuts over Drill Design, a Japanese duo who came up with a collection of amazingly charming products made with laminated wood. The decorative toys, equally suitable for kids and adults, are inspired by a traditional (and very popular) Japanese candy called Kintaro Ame, which loosely means “the sweet of a fairytale hero.” Toys inspired by candy fit for a superhero? Sold!

Drill’s sustainable way of looking at materials is extremely clever. They layer veneer with acrylic or recycled paper to create beautiful striped patterns that also save wood. The process goes something like this: First, they make a very long and flat piece of material out of layers of laminated veneer and clear plastic. Next, they cut it into cross-sections, ending up with vehicles of various sizes. The resulting collection of cars and trucks is clean and refined yet playful.

There is always something about perfection when it comes to Japanese design. Drill principals Yoko Yasunishi and Yusuke Hayashi, who met at college in 2000, and know a little something about growing up together, don’t depart from the rule.

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