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Despite a cool, almost mystical aesthetic that makes us feel like hobbits or fairies are going to pop their heads out of the tree cover and step to earth, the CanopyStair was actually created using aeronautical engineering tenets. The resulting product is made of birch plywood treads that attach around the trunk with ratchet straps and cushioned joints, keeping the tree safe and the steps secure. Setting up the CanopyStair may take a few hours, but amazingly no tools are required, and we guarantee the treetop view will be well worth it.

The designers were inspired when, during their own seaside vacation experience, a wall between their property and the beach necessitated some old fashioned tree climbing in order to watch the sunset. The design of the CanopyStair allows for use on different tree shapes and sizes, and the staircase allows nature lovers (even ones who think themselves too old for skinned knees and scrappy ascents) to appreciate the view from a whole new perspective. Looks like climbing a tree just got a lot safer and picturesque, yet still not for the faint of heart — the staircase can extend almost 23 feet!

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