David FitzSimmons is a photographer, writer, and professor, and his Curious Critters books combine his expertise in all these areas to make for a stunning, award-winning, and kid-friendly learning experience. With a fitting release date on Earth Day, FitzSimmons’ third volume of Curious Critters focuses on marine animals and includes the giant octopus, the calico crab, the loggerhead sea turtle, and the hooded nudibranch (we had to look that one up for ourselves).

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Each curious critter is photographed beautifully and naturally, and FitzSimmons accompanies the images with a poem or song as imagined from the creature’s unique point of view. FitzSimmons dreams up each creature’s “voice” as he is photographing and learning about them and makes the animals come alive and share plenty of personal information. Kids (and their parents) will easily get drawn in by the fascinating facts in the book, such as how the tufted puffin can hold up to sixty fish in its beak at one time and that the roseate spoonbill gets its gorgeous pink feathers from its diet. A captivating coffee table or bookshelf addition, Curious Critters Marine is a must-have book for budding naturalists of sea, land, and sky.

+ Curious Critters Marine $19.95