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We first became fans of the movie-loving family early last year, when Orson was just a baby. They impressed us so much they made it into my book, The Art of Cardboard! Their innovative and creative collaborations transformed discarded household cardboard boxes into ephemeral mock movie sets in their home, wowing us from their renditions of The Life Aquatic to Home Alone.

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More recently, the Sydney, Australia-based family has upped their cardboard game. In addition to satisfying the sustainable Star Wars fans around the globe, the Mackies, who have a fourth cast member on the way, have tried their hands at a new roster of movies. The Shawshank Redemption comes complete with Orson tunneling out of a cardboard cell, while double-stacked cardboard and a cardboard tube marquee welcome guests to the Grand Budapest Hotel. Orson, now a toddler, is flexing his role-playing muscle, dancing with slicked-back hair as Fonzie in Happy Days (or as the family calls it, “Nappy Days”), and riding a cardboard motorcycle as a War Boy in Mad Max.

Now with a new baby on the way, the creative Mackies are sure to cook up even more recycled-cardboard cinema tableaus for our viewing pleasure. We can’t wait!

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