My son loves luchadores. He also loves puzzles and has a great appreciation for the environment. So there’s nothing about Caribbean Puzzles’ line of eco-friendly fighters that this kid wouldn’t adore. Like every jigsaw in the company’s varied offerings, these masked muscle men are “earth friendly, child safe and people kind.” They accomplish this by utilizing formaldehyde-free MDF (recycled wood fibers are compressed to form a sturdy wood-derived material), and employing Fair Trade practices in their factory in Mexico.

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Aside from the lucha fighters, Caribbean Puzzles also offers dinos, plantimals (creatures that are half animal, half plant just as the name suggests), fairies, barnyard animals and more. There are even three-dimensional worlds that various figures can inhabit — and a wood-and-rope ring in which the fighters battle. “We are equally committed to producing only high-quality products using materials and processes that show respect for our planet and all the people and creatures upon it,” says Caribbean Puzzles. And their products show it.

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+ Caribbean Puzzles